Our Inspiration

Our story began in the 1950s on the fertile landscape of Eastern Uganda with a daughter of the Soil, Onyang. A strong and influential lady in her community, driven to do good

Maria became inspired to build a large-scale ethical skin care business that honours her great-grandmother who believed in the benefits of nature. Her intention is to sustain her legacy of creating effective skin care products using local botanical ingredients.

Hellen’s ambition is to create amazing products using this as a key enabler to promote the community agenda through ‘Connect The DOTS’

We are motivated by the simple yet powerful goals of celebration, of women backing women, showcasing natural treasures from Africa.

Maria Magembe, CEO Daughter of the Soil

“The name “Daughter Of The Soil” is a phrase that my father often used to describe his four daughters, and it’s a phrase I am still fond of. Growing up in a diaspora, it reminded me of my Ugandan heritage, a landscape that is green and where the soil is immensely fertile.

From that soil grew treasured and unique botanicals that my great-grandmother Onyang used to create nourishing and richly moisturising beauty products that she shared with the women around her.

My dream has always been to continue her legacy of nurturing beauty and one day bring these products to women all over the world, so that they too can benefit from Africa’s treasures. I am thrilled to be able to share Onyang’s timeless recipes with women all over the world and in the process return some of the goodness we harness back to its source.”

“From an early age I have always been passionate about encouraging women to celebrate what they offer to the world. For me, Daughter of the Soil completes a circle: it showcases some of Africa’s most unique and treasured ingredients so that women can look supremely beautiful on the outside – and it helps us to support the communities who give those treasures to us, so that we can harness their power and beauty from the inside too, and give something back.

Daughter of the Soil has a simple philosophy – to give back to the earth and communities celebrating the natural treasures within our rich soils. Our pledge is to make a real difference to the lives and future of African rural women in Africa – providing them with an ability to earn a sustainable and protected income.

I am really proud to be a part of this story. Connect the DOTS is our certified functional training program for women in agriculture with a goal to have 10million DOTS certified women farmers in Africa by 2025. Building a sustainable program will create a movement of ‘DOTS certified’ women farmers, trainers and leaders – serving today as well as future generations.

Hellen Lawuo-Meena, Executive Director Connect the DOTS

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