There are many benefits associated with using all natural skincare products, from improving the health of your skin to contributing to a safer environment.

At Daughter of the Soil we believe in nurturing natural beauty. We love the inexhaustible variety of botanical oils from across Africa that are proven to regenerate the skin. These oils are rich in skin essentials to target loss of elasticity and dryness, slow down signs of skin ageing and stop free radicals in their tracks to restore its natural radiance.

We carefully select each ingredient and create blends that are luxurious and beautifully scented. Our products deliver fantastic results for the skin because they are loaded in nourishing vitamins, protecting antioxidants + radiance- boosting essential fatty acids. Our commitment to using 100% natural and naturally-derived ingredients means we stay true to our natural beauty principles. All our products are free from harsh synthetic chemicals that typically cause skin irritation or have toxic effects when absorbed via the skin.


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Inspired by Maria’s great-grandmother Onyang, our brand is based upon the principles of lavishing the body with natural goodness, incorporating time-tested botanical oils within each of our products to deeply nourish, moisturise and protect the skin.

Beauty oils have become popular over the last few decades in the West, but did you know that botanical oils have been used in Africa for centuries to regenerate the skin? There is a deep affection and respect for these treasured ingredients in the native communities where they originate from: from the tree, to the fruit to the oils. The uses are virtually endless and there are beautiful stories of culture and rituals which we want to celebrate.

Onyang believed that natural was best, a philosophy that we continue to incorporate within Daughter of the Soil. She sold shea-based products within her community in Eastern Uganda for the treatment of dry skin conditions and beauty care. Our dream is to continue her legacy of nurturing natural beauty and use our brand to showcase African botanical oils to the world, so that they too can benefit from Africa’s treasures. This underpins what our formulations are all about: ‘hero-ing’ African botanical oils obtained from sustainable sources and chosen for their nutrient-rich properties. Each oil contains a unique profile of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that drives the functional benefits within our products, relieving dry skin conditions, supporting skin regeneration and naturally targeting loss of elasticity and signs of ageing.

Our unique ingredient blends have been inspired by Onyang. It was Onyang’s gift of working with and nurturing nature that made her a daughter of the soil.

Daughter of the Soil completes a circle, sharing Africa’s most unique and treasured ingredients so that women can look supremely beautiful on the outside while helping to support the communities who give those treasures to us and give something back.




Daughter of the Soil aims to nurture more than just skin. We are motivated by the simple yet powerful goals of ‘women backing women’ and promoting the community agenda. With a strong belief that the greatest products and services generate their own fan base, we see an obvious opportunity to use our business as a platform to do good.

Agriculture is at the core of economic transformation in Africa and as a key driver of growth it offers the greatest potential for poverty and inequality reduction. We believe that education, tools and the creation of opportunities to ease the passage into economic participation will reduce the vulnerability of rural women farmers, helping them to move out of poverty and contribute to the overall success of their family and community.

The Daughter of the Soil Foundation has been established with a vision of building an empowered and thriving community of women across agriculture in Africa. The inaugural ‘Connect the DOTS programme’ is delivering vocational training free at point
of delivery and has been carefully designed in partnership with agricultural experts at Harper Adams University to educate and equip them rural women farmers with the tools and skills necessary to cultivate the land and create favourable conditions for trade. 15 rural women farmers in Mityana, Uganda are currently receiving training and mentorship on the Connect the DOTS programme.