How was DOTS born? Maria’s Story

Going natural is something that is particularly important to Daughter of the Soil. With so many amazing ingredients out there which are great for your skin, DOTS believe that there is no need to use synthetic ingredients.

CEO of Daughter of the Soil, Maria, tells her story and the inspiration behind DOTS …

Since a child, I have always been fascinated about products on the shelves. In my career life, I have worked in project management and I felt that now was the time that I could take the skills that I have developed and my understanding of how to deliver projects, and choose to deliver a project that really means something to me.

After hearing a lot about my great grandmother and the products that she made, I felt the need to honour her and with my love of beauty products, I decided to study a course on skincare formulation. It was then that I decided that this was definitely something that I wanted to do. I felt that the Daughter of the Soil proposition was strong and that there was a definite gap in the market.

There are so many amazing natural ingredients out there that can compete with the synthetic ingredients of today. There is no need to go synthetic anymore when there is a huge amount of amazing stuff that is good for your skin and is not harmful.

Everything just came together at the right time for me, at a point in my life where I felt ready to take on an ambitious task of creating these products. This journey would not be possible without the help of my business partner, Hellen.

Together, we have been able to work through and define the brand and take it from that original idea to where it is now. We have a very strong brand proposition, a clear brand identity and nine amazing products that we are ready to share with the world.

You can help us to launch our premium natural skincare range, as well as helping us to empower Women across Africa by visiting our Indiegogo page and backing our campaign.