Onyang’s Story

Daughter of the Soil is based upon the principle of lavishing the body with natural goodness. Delivering nutrient-rich African botanicals, valued for their skin-nourishing properties, our natural skincare range is greatly inspired by Onyang, the great grandmother of Maria – CEO of Daughter of the Soil.

This week, Maria tells Onyang’s inspirational story…

My great grandmother’s name is Onyang and she is somebody who is very special to me. Although I never managed to meet her in person, I’ve heard many amazing stories about her from my mum. My mother talks a lot about how strong she was as a woman. She was sadly widowed at a young age but despite her circumstances, she was still able to do a lot of good, both for her children and her community.

Onyang was a woman who loved natural ingredients and she used these both in her skincare and for medicinal purposes. Onyang believed that natural was best – a philosophy that we continue to incorporate within Daughter of the Soil.

Onyang used to make amazing Shea body butters. She rubbed these body butters onto the bellies of pregnant women and young children. My mum talks about how she used to lavish her with Shea butter and how she became known in her community for being a woman of influence.

I love all of these things about her, plus the fact that she used ingredients from her back garden. She worked with the environment that she was in and was able to make amazing products. It was through understanding this that encouraged me to learn more about African Botanical ingredients and realise that there is a huge amount of amazing botanical ingredients that we could use in our skincare products.

This underpins what our formulations are all about – hero-ing African botanical oils. We’re so excited to be sharing them with the rest of the world.

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