Our Cause





Daughter of the Soil aims to nurture more than just skin. With a strong belief that the greatest products and services generate their own fan base, we see an obvious opportunity to use our business as a platform to do good. Agriculture is at the core of economic transformation in Africa and as a key driver of growth it offers the greatest potential for poverty and inequality reduction. We believe that education, tools and the creation of opportunities to ease the passage into economic participation will reduce the vulnerability of rural women farmers, helping them to move out of poverty and contribute to the overall success of their family and community.

Over the last 18 months, Daughters of the Soil have come together to fund the delivery of a best practice training programme, empowering 15 rural women farmers in Mityana. This has given the farmers the necessary knowledge and skills to increase their yield, develop resilient farming systems and take the first step into entrepreneurship.

Our next goal is to provide the required tools to help them transition to successful farming businesses. And this is where you come in.
Right now, when you purchase a Daughter of the Soil skincare product on our platform 50% of the proceeds go towards funding the purchase and installation of a milling machine. You’ll empower the women to process their raw commodities (such as maize) into new products (such as mealie meal) that they can sell in new markets. You’ll give them the chance earn more, by processing raw commodities on behalf of other farmers in the region too.