Onyang’s Story

Daughter of the Soil is based upon the principle of lavishing the body with natural goodness. Delivering nutrient-rich African botanicals, valued for their skin-nourishing properties, our natural skincare range is greatly inspired by Onyang, the great grandmother of Maria – CEO of Daughter of the Soil.

This week, Maria tells Onyang’s inspirational story…


How was DOTS born? Maria’s Story

Going natural is something that is particularly important to Daughter of the Soil. With so many amazing ingredients out there which are great for your skin, DOTS believe that there is no need to use synthetic ingredients.

CEO of Daughter of the Soil, Maria, tells her story and the inspiration behind DOTS …


How was DOTS born? Hellen’s Story

Having grown up in England but coming from Tanzania, there’s a number of things that connect Hellen and Maria in terms of their passion for being able to do something that not only delivers a great product and a great output, but also works on the more social aspect.

Daughter of the Soil does exactly that. Read Hellen’s story here …