What goes into Daughter of the Soil products?

At Daughter of the Soil, we are inspired by the benefits of nature. Our products include a rich diversity of African botanical oils that have proven functional benefits. Each ingredient has its very own heritage story, having been used by local communities for centuries.

But what makes Daughter of the Soil products so special?

Each of Daughter of the Soil’s products contain all natural ingredients. This includes everything from preservatives and emulsifiers to fragrance and thickening agents.

We have incorporated Marula oil into our hand lotion and our hand wash. Marula oil, often referred to as the ‘miracle oil’ for its remarkable qualities, has been used in Africa for centuries and is valued for its skin nourishing and hydrating properties.

We selected Baobab oil for our body wash and our body lotion, derived from perhaps the best-known tree in Africa, known as the ‘Tree of Life’. Baobab oil is uniquely lightweight, and has superior moisturising properties. Saturated with vitamins and anti-oxidants, it encourages skin regeneration and also improves elasticity by stimulating collagen and tissue repair. Baobab is also a hero ingredient in our dry body oil.

We love Moringa oil for its amazing properties and that’s why we’ve incorporated it in our dry body oil. Affectionately known as ‘The Miracle Tree,” the natural goodness of Moringa dates back thousands of years. Moringa seed oil provides powerful nutrients and remedies for the skin.

We value Frankincense & Myrrh extracts and that’s why they have been included in our shimmering night oil. Drawn from the Boswellia sacra tree, Frankincense oil keeps tissue healthy and also encourages healthy cell regeneration, while Myrrh has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers.

We have used rooibos tea extract in our body wash and our body lotion. Indigenous to South Africa, this botanical is treasured by the native people that live there. It is a potent anti-oxidant and naturally rich in zinc, which helps increase the skin’s metabolism and is particularly good for anti-ageing.

The inspiration for Daughter of the Soil came from my great-grandmother Onyang, who always had a passion for creating Shea butter products for anything from treatment of skin conditions, to beauty care. Our Shea butter is sourced from Uganda and her recipes inspire our products. We have named them ‘Onyang Collection’ in her memory.

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