Why are Daughter of the Soil crowdfunding?

Here at Daughter of the Soil, we believe that crowdfunding is a really great way of launching products, particularly those that are distinct and special, just like ours.

We love to shout about our products and believe that launching our six products in the marketplace and creating as much noise and interest as possible from the outset will be a really great way to test and reach the marketplace.

Not only is crowdfunding a great way to generate pre-sales activity, but it’s also a really great way to get some fantastic brand ambassadors on board at an early stage.

We are hoping to use the money raised from our initial crowdfunding campaign to support the launch of our pop up shop, which we are hoping to open in October, as well as to support our exciting Sales and Marketing activities.

Why choose Indiegogo?

We looked at a number of sites in our search for the perfect crowdfunding platform. Indiegogo, in particular, stood out to us.

Indiegogo is a great crowdfunding and fundraising online platform that offers reward-based funding. Indiegogo is international which means that as a product, Daughter of the Soil are able to reach an international audience, which is really important to us as a business.

Exceeding our crowdfunding target will enable Daughter of the Soil to kick off new product development, add to our expanding portfolio and get our Connect the DOTS initiative off the ground sooner.

By supporting our campaign, you will not only be treating your skin to a luxurious new experience, but you’ll be getting a big social mission off the ground.

Help us launch our premium natural skincare range, as well as helping us to empower Women across Africa. Visit our Indiegogo page here to read more about Daughter of the Soil’s mission and to back our campaign.